The Dos and Donts Before Your Big Day

The preparations have been made, the wedding planner has been running around finalising the decorations and entertainers and your big day is only a few days away! It’s time to talk about the dos and donts in your remaining days before your wedding…

Tone up

It always looks great especially when your dress exposes your shoulders for the lines and healthy curves on your back and triceps to be a little more enhanced. Simply do a few reps and planks specifically targeting those areas for that extra flare on your wedding photos.

Pay attention to your food quality

Now let’s think about the foods that will surely do you good before the wedding, undoubtedly, it is always great to take care of your diet permanently, but let’s take it to a different measure during this time. Berries, all red, purple and blue fruits are fantastic to give your skin that extra touch of glow. Kale, celery and cucumbers can help you shed off a pound or two which is always a wonderful feeling.


No doubt this one is extremely important, both for your body and face. I mean the number one rule for make-up is that it always looks better on great skin. For starters, relax, no need to stress, your wedding planner has everything managed, we don’t want any break-outs before the big day do we?


Any form of spa treatments dedicated for full body and face exfoliation, laser treatments etc. is always a great idea, BUT is best to do at least 3 to 4 days before the big day to avoid any irritations or redness that may happen, especially if this not something you usually do.

Treat yourself

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Kardashians and go a little crazy, there are excellent spa centers that offer wonderful packages catered to brides and groom for the big day, usually giving you treatment starting from the toes up till the scalp.

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