The Venue, Cake, & Perfect Palette

So its official, the moment he goes down on one knee and asks that question you’ve been dreaming of for a while now and your new best friends become Pinterest and Instagram. You scroll and scroll, viewing gorgeous and creative ideas from rustic and majestic must-have themes to other soft pastel must-have themes. All your ideas start to overlap one another and you begin to think of all the other details you need to consider, the perfect photographer, cake, wedding favors, to even your grand entrance! All of this can be truly overwhelming. So how should one go about taking the prime steps to making their wedding a truly magical day?

This is a critical point. A good wedding planner’s job is to execute your ideas into a reality, within a budget, whilst avoiding any headaches on your side. The wedding planner should have connections with a wide variety of suppliers, providing you with countless options for the best of prices. La Table events ensures this; we want you to enjoy yourself before the wedding and focus on how beautiful you and your big day are going to be. Besides, we would not let you break out from stress before your special day!

The Right Photographer

At La Table Events, we have enough experience in the field to be able to advise you on the most important components one must take into consideration. The photographer is one of these components. Having a good photographer provides you with the ability to be able to look back at your big day, and share one of your most cherished memories with your future family and friends. One must set aside an allocated budget of its own to be able to hire the right photographer. Look at the pictures below for examples of photographs that make every difference.

The Right Venue


In the U.A.E, ballroom venues are usually the first settings that come into mind when having your wedding. This would be a good idea if you have an average of 300 attendees, as ballrooms are usually very large! A drawback to ballrooms is the lighting, so if you plan to have your wedding in a ballroom then allocating budget on lighting should be taken into consideration.

One of our personal favorites are Garden venues; this is an excellent option for weddings under 300 people, and you get the additional beautiful pre-wedding photo-shoots done right before sunset ;-)! Garden venues usually require a lot less budget for decoration, but is limiting in terms of season and weather conditions.

For small intimate weddings under 100 people amidst the hot season, booking a restaurant that fits your selected theme would be a great option. Beautiful restaurants are usually set in a hotel which gives you access to a wide range of hotel packages!

The Perfect Palette

Lets talk about art, baby! This is La Table events specialty, amongst other things 😉

We recommend you begin this by producing your own personal mood board. Do you feel connected with rustic mixes of wood, Bordeaux and velvets? Or soft earthy pastels with laurels? Maybe something that screams elegance and classy with touches of brass, gold and frosted white? Whatever theme you decide on, let your wedding planner know the direction you want to take. This is one of the primary decisions to make, especially for extravagant weddings with stages, podiums or koshas.

Discuss the selected venue along with the circulation of the wedding with the best positions and corners. For example, if your venue allows you to go down a flight of stairs, then it would be great to consider the decorations you would like to have there. Needless to say, the design and decorations for the wedding can enhance your pictures extravagantly.

The Grand Moments

The grand moments of any wedding usually include the pre-wedding ceremony for the personal romantic pictures, the grand bridal entrance, the first dance, and the cake cutting.

But there are two things that first come to mind when someone hears ‘wedding’, the cake and the dress. These are two of the most important points for any bride and the wedding planner should help bring you the best deals on both these topics, even the dress!

When all the above have been fully agreed on, it becomes time to discuss the remaining items to fill in the gaps of the wedding. Wedding favors, DJs or live bands, Zaffa or other cultural performances, lighting colors, seating and scheduling are all taken into consideration once the generic above planning, look and feel of your wedding is secured.

La table events leaves no detail behind. We remind you of things that even you as a bride or groom may forget. We understand how important your big day is and our happiness and success is determined by your happiness and satisfaction of your special day.

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