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5 Things to know about Arabic wedding Abu dhabi

5 Things to know about Arabic wedding Abu dhabi

Wedding in Arabian countries take place on the basis of their traditional wedding customs and rituals. Arab people are considered to be as very diverse citizens. Arabic wedding are mostly incorporated on western traditions like tossing of the bouquet and cake cutting but rural country wedding follows traditional wedding customs.

Most of the people in the Arab countries are Muslims, but there is a strong Christian presence.

But allowing different faiths and belief there are commonalities between the two, Muslims holds ceremony in mosque where as Christians at church.

There are many cultural differences in Arabic wedding and also for Dubai wedding packages, but when talking about wedding islamically only walima and nikah are required.

Here we provide 5 most essential things you should know about Arab wedding.

Wedding Proposal

The marriage proposal is usually done at the family level where the family and the groom will ask for permission to marry the daughter while meeting the brides family. The eldest male relative will be asking about in the absence of father. When both fathers of bride and groom agree there will a light refreshment which can be served.

Reading the fatiha

Fatiha is considered to be as the opening chapter of the holy book      Quran. The Muslims will not only recite in prayers but also at any wedding event.

Engagement Day

Engagement is also called as Khetbah or Khutbah which is a simple party where the bride and groom will dress in their matching color code. It is the official occasion of ring exchange. There will be a cake cutting session and dinner arranged as well. Engagement session doesn’t have any Islamic significance.

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Henna party

It is the arab version of ‘bachelor party’. This event will be most commonly considered as a female event where friends and relatives of the bride will be applying henna to the hands and feet of bride. Family who hire best wedding decorators in Dubai will arrange dance, food and much more.

Marriage contract

There are different variations of a marriage contract. They are Nikah, Aqd Zawaj, Aqd Qiranare all these variations. There will be an Imam or respected of the community performs the marriage ceremony. The wedding is usually done with permission of bride. The husband should also agree upon mahr, a wedding gift offered to the bride. It can be paid by cash, property or travel (Hajj or Umrah).

Ofcourse in all arab wedding there will be having delicious food and non-alcoholic drinks. The above listed things are list of what to expect a UAE wedding. Get in touch with your Arabic wedding planners.

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