Best Wedding Planner Dubai : Couple Photo Pose Ideas

Eyes open, stand still, smile please. Ready! This is one of the traditional procedures of photographers for taking photos. But from last decade strategies and styles of photography have changed to a great extent says best wedding planner in Dubai.

There are nearly millions of photography companies emerged in these period. In the case of wedding, there are lots of photo shooting experiments are implemented. Pre-wedding/ save the date, post wedding, destination wedding  and much more are those examples.

Photography craft out best of your personality. Perfect photo posing is an art which you can share with each other and also allow you to go crazy.

Here one of the best event management companies in Abu dhabi had comes up with few wedding photo shoot poses for couples to enhance your dream wedding to a whole new memory.

Pose 1 : Selfie couple

couple taking selfie
You & Me!

This photo posing style is one of the simplest and craziest way of couple posing says best event organizers in Dubai. This posing allows every couple to take independent style photos and helps to lose themselves in the photo click been taken.

Pose 2 : Dancing couple

Always beside you!

Not all couple wish to dance. Few of the couples, whether it can be a bride or groom will be sometimes are introvert and shy to make a dance move  infront of their invitees. But now it all changed, most of the couples are ready to take part atleast for few seconds of dance movements for the music played. These trend is one of the major photo posing style where your camera official can click your movements for a unique and stylish candid photo memory.

Pose 3 : Creative  photo-posing

This photo posing style  is mainly focused on how creative is your photographer Is? Nowadays wedding planning in UAE becomes as much imaginative. They tends to make artificial sets & stages which seems to be looks natural when photography professionals clicks the moments.

wedding couple pose
So, It’s mine!

For example taking your photo with a creative background (beach-side, lighting look, craft-work and much moreā€¦) will surely boost up your photo look to a great extent.

Spread your tone of love by sharing what will be your favorite photo pose for your wedding love story?

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