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Best wedding planners in Dubai Way to Surprise Guests

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Best wedding planners in Dubai Way to Surprise Guests

When everyone is getting married, It will hard for the couples to make a move in a stealthy way. It will be sometime dense to find surprises for your guests says best wedding planners in Dubai

There are lots of event ideas  that make us to standout. Most of the ideas are seen common and are implemented in anyways. But if you are working in unexpected detail it will be the event that will be on the hearts of invitees to remember says best wedding planner in UAE

Today in this blog, best wedding planners in Abu Dhabi share some of the top 3 ideas that will make your guest to surprise at your wedding. Let’s read on;

Interactive food points

Food points make guest or your invitees to have a bit of interaction. In addition to that it will also make a buzz for your even says one of the top event planning companies in Dubai. A mobile oyster shucking or a cocktail with an iceluge will makes an extra fun event for your invitees. You can also add rolling antique cocktail carts or you can include some dessert points by making ice creams with some liquid nitrogen.

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Surprise Entertainments

One of the best event organizers in Dubai says that surprise entertainments are considered to be as a cool stuff provided that the venue is awesome with it. Event planners recommends something that can create wow moment mainly like  fireworks or confetti canons and much more. You can also include singers to a live band or can have a surprise celebrity performer.

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Meaningful performance

Imagine yourself as a performer? Sing a song to you wife, coordinate a dance party with your entire wedding party says providers of best birthday party in Abu Dhabi.

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When attending your wedding reception, one of the last thing your invitees expect is the performance by couples. Better yet, you can invite your guests to get on the board with a flash mob.

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