Planning Virtual Weddings | Best wedding planners Dubai
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Planning Virtual Weddings | Best wedding planners Dubai

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Planning Virtual Weddings | Best wedding planners Dubai

With the outbreak of COVID 19, the world is now settling into a new normal. This new era of social distancing changed the whole wedding celebration landscape. But that is not going to stop you from celebrating your dream day. With advanced technologies, you can set your plans with the help of the Best wedding planners in Abu Dhabi and make it happen virtually while staying safe.

Best wedding Planners In Dubai

Here we, award-winning best wedding planner Abu Dhabi introduce you to the exciting world of virtual wedding planning.

What are Virtual Weddings?

Most people think virtual weddings are live streaming your wedding in any digital platform. But it is most definitely not!!! Prominent best wedding planner Dubai describes virtual weddings as an unforgettable virtual experience in which your friends and family from over the world can see your wedding function as well as feeling associated with the service. They can draw in with different visitors, dress up, drink, dance, and help the couple celebrate together.

How to Plan a Virtual Wedding?

Pick a perfect date, Venue, and wedding planner

In this time of pandemic picking a date for your dream day is the most difficult task. Best wedding planners UAE advise you to pick a date far in advance to avoid any conflicts in the future.

Event planners UAE

Most of the wedding venues are now offering virtual tours through various digital platforms. You can see and finalize the place for your special day’s celebration from the safety of your home.

Confused about whether you need a Wedding organizer in Dubai? Worried even with having one, how you are going to communicate with them? Having a wedding planner will only help you put plans in motion for your dream day and for to communicate with them, platforms like Skype, zoom, Duo, etc. strategizing with your Wedding planners in Dubai who might be sitting a mile away is an easy task.

Finalize the Guest List

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Considering other things to accomplish, compiling a guest list is an easy enough task says the best wedding planners Abu Dhabi. Finalize the guest list including your friends and family members and also by taking into consideration the capacity of the venue.

Wedding Website

Prime Event Planners Abu Dhabi says that one of the most essential parts of a virtual wedding is a wedding website where couples can share their stories, function details, pictures, information regarding live stream and video chats, etc. Guests can also come and leave messages and suggestions, chat with other guests, and stream wedding ceremonies.

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Personalized E- Invitation Cards and Gift Baskets

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Most of your guests can not be able to attend your wedding ceremony physically. Leading Wedding planner Abu Dhabi suggests that you can make them special by sending them beautifully crafted e-invitations with personalized messages. It will be a nice touch if you would also able to send them gift baskets.

Pre- Wedding Events

Host a virtual pre-wedding bash to spend quality time with your family and close friends, and create best memories that you will always cherish, recommend the prominent Event companies In Abu Dhabi. You can choose a theme virtual party or have a dress code. Also make the event fun with games, to keep up the excitement for the big day.

Event management companies in abu dhabi

Everyone wants their wedding to be an everlasting memory and with the help of La Table Events, one of the highly recommended event management companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai you can make it happen. La Table Events help you create a beautiful tale of your special day by taking care of the smallest of the details. Ready to see your imaginations come to life? La Table Events is one call away!!! For more details visit:

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Here we, award-winning best wedding planner Abu Dhabi introduce you to the exciting world of virtual wedding planning.