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Corporate Events Dubai : Etiquette Guidelines

Corporate Events Dubai : Etiquette Guidelines

When a wedding or an event comes, everyone knows some rules to follow while attending. In middle east, Event management companies in UAE and Dubai focus on creating a timely corporate events in Dubai and wedding function with a creative manner.

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We all have some etiquette manners that have gone out of the doors. Every attendees or guest must follow some guidelines at every wedding. Here best wedding planners in Dubai comes up with some etiquette guidelines, let’s have a quick read;


Couples will always asked no to bring any sort of gifts while inviting for his/her wedding function.  It is been a custom to bring some gifts and gratitude mandatory. If you have to buy some sort of wedding gifts to the newly weds, you must have a look at whether it can afford your budget says best wedding designers in Dubai. If you are shipping the gifts to the couples, it will be more wondered when received.

Code Dress

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Guest also need to pay attention while attending the marriage function because whether the couples to wish  to have some dress code it must be followed. But one of the important fact that all the wedding planners in UAE clearly states that guests should not wear white, ever!. Because it make a confusion about the bride since white is universally agreed dress code of bride. Best event management companies in UAE suggests when having a code dress wear light shades of white or colors as you wish.

Safe party

When it comes to alcohol consumption it will land you in trouble. Everyone wants to have a great time at wedding too. Wedding is considered to be as the most auspicious occasion in each and everyone’s life.

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finally, organizers of  wedding planning in UAE always suggest to take a room while have a drink or appoint a driver or Uber if you can’t sleep over.

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