Dos and Don’ts On Your Wedding Day

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Dos and Don’ts On Your Wedding Day

You’ve been preparing for months and finally, the big day has come. It’s time for your marriage! Also now it’s the moment to stay calm and enjoy everything. Even though there are some things that you should and shouldn’t be to keep in mind on your wedding day. Don’t consider them as a list of rules, but as a way to confirm that both you and your visitors have a satisfactorily experience. After all the struggle you have done to make this event or with your wedding designers Dubai, UAE, you desire it to be special for all good reasons.

Below Are The Top 10 Dos And Don’ts On Your Wedding Day.

Eat Your Wedding Meal.

Couples take time tasting cakes and choosing menus but don’t know why many will skip food at the end of the day. Generally for the reason that they’re too nervous to eat or engaged to make rounds and welcome guests. But believe me, this is the day your body requires energy. Begin your day with a delicious breakfast. Then ask the parent or bridesmaid to make sure that both are seating enough time to eat.

Don’t Take Too Much Alcohol.

Yes, if you want to take part in a drink, enjoy drinking champagne. But no one likes to put his/her head in the bathroom at end of the night. Moreover, your wedding day just goes by — you don’t want to blur your memory anymore. The most effortless way to check yourself is to consistently have water.

You Must Have A Wedding Day Schedule.

Scheduling is one of the most useful ways to keep your wedding day running smoothly. This not only gives you a clear picture of how long it will take but also lets you communicate more efficiently with your suppliers. An event management Abu dhabi company can do that for you to make yourself free. There are numerous services that are delivered by wedding designers Dubai, UAE, i.e. decor and design, pre-wedding celebrations, food and beverages, wedding facilities, choosing destination and venue, entertainment, etc.

Don’t attempt to do it all by yourself.

When the wedding day comes, the prior speciality you want is to be the centre person, indeed if you make most of the plans. Generally, a Wedding designers Dubai will take care of everything, but if you don’t employ one, get your mom or any suitable person and assign the jobs!

Participate in cocktail hours if needed.

Cocktail hours are a great moment for couples to take pictures, and guests can enjoy food, beverages and entertainment. But if you don’t like the concept of ​​missing that social time, you don’t have to. Pre-ceremony photography is an excellent solution and you can create a magnificent entry at the reception.

Don’t keep guests waiting for a long time.

Nothing that spoils the guest’s wedding experience quicker than being left to their own devices for so long. Make sure there are no major gaps before or after the ceremony and at the cocktail hour or reception.

Try to limit your speech to 3 minutes or less.

The wedding reception speech is a fun and inspiring time. Unfortunately, it can be a big topic. Prepare your speech in advance and limit your speech to around 3 minutes.

Don’t take stress if something goes wrong.

Regardless of how well you organise, it is inescapable that some elements will not go as planned. The best you can do on your wedding day is to forget and move on. Usually, it will be an interesting story later!

Stay in that moment.

Wedding days can over in a flash. The finest method to capture those memories is to actually experience them together! It’s very easy to get distracted or disconnected, so try to be consciously together when you move.

Don’t waste your time scrolling on your phone.

Even if you are the one who likes to spend most of the time on your phone, this is not the time. Instagram can scroll at any time, but you can’t regain these moments. Leave the photos and videos to the experts you hire and go to the dance floor!


Your wedding day will go in a flash, so take a moment to feel and absorb everything: views, sounds, aromas, laughter, and emotions. You will be delighted you did, as you will continue to return to those happy memories over the years. If you try to have a good time with a smile, then everything else will work.
We wish these tips will help facilitate the wedding planning process. If you are interested in booking an event management companies uae, please contact our friendly team. We will do our best to assist you with your wedding.