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Event organizers in Dubai – Best Honeymoon

Event organizers in Dubai – Best Honeymoon

Nowadays, it is becoming trendier for couples to decrease their wedding budget and reallocate this onto their honeymoon experience says best event organizers in Dubai. Why is this happening? Probably because the wedding isdesigned to cater to the 300 guests and celebrate as a group, whereas the honeymoon is where the couple gets to personally celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Surely, there should be some form of balance in order to create a perfect wedding along with a gorgeous honeymoon; La Table Events has come to cater some fantastic ideas for you and your betrothed.

When planning your honeymoon, the first and most important thing to consider is what time of year it will take place. As weddings can be exhausting, it is always a great idea to allow for a break of two to three days post wedding, in order for you to begin your romantic journey with full energy. (That of course also depends on the flexibility of your work schedule.)

Summer Time

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There are countless of advantages to this time of year; however, it is good practice to consider your budget. Having your UAE wedding during summertime is a great option, but not so much the honeymoon. Don’t worry though, La Table events has a bunch of recommendations for you to make your honeymoon experience one of the best. Starting with the South Mediterranean and Balkans, this can be an extremely romantic option, particularly if you and your loved one enjoy hiking and long nature walks alongside mountains and seas. We also highly recommend any country in Europe, places like the South of Italy, Greece, Portugal and even Spain are excellent locations. Best event planning companies in Dubai says that enjoying more than one location has also become a honeymoon trend ; rent a car, map out a couple of nearby destinations and make it a road trip you will never forget. Driving across valleys, cruising through unimaginable scenery and being one with nature is definitely an option one must consider!

Autumn or Springtime

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Did you spend a lot on the wedding? Planning your honeymoon for autumn or springtime is a wonderful option, especially for those within a budget, as prices usually drop during these seasons says best wedding planners in Dubai .
From Seychelles or Maldives, to the baroque, gothic Prague, the great part about autumn and springtime is that you can choose whether you would like to spend your honeymoon laying by the beach sipping on a Mojito or hiking and exploring art and architectural sites. Imagine walking through streets of incredible baroque, gothic and renaissance architecture amidst a range of colors gifted by the autumn season. Whether you walk through the stunning castles of Prague, the gorgeous river line of Budapest or taking a stroll through Munich, this honeymoon theme may turn your life around.


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Brrrr! If you and your loved one enjoy the cold, then this is a good time to travel to Europe and other western nations. If for some reason you are stuck with traveling in winter time, but also want to enjoy the sunny and tropical places around the world, there are countless of places to visit. The Caribbean, Mauritius, Thailand, Philippines, Seychelles and Maldives, to name a few, are options you have to get your tan on!
We one of the best event management companies in UAE  are with you for the whole ride. From organizing your wedding to even your honeymoon, we make sure that one of the most important days of your lives is planned to perfection.

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Event organizers in Dubai - Best Honeymoon
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