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At the point when you begin wedding planning UAE, you consider all the things to help kick you off, for example, choosing if you need a winter wedding versus a late spring wedding, what venue you need for the gathering, and numerous different things. In any case, one thing that you should know before you begin purchasing bridesmaid dresses, ordering flowers, etc. is to find your wedding colors. A perfect Event Designers Abu Dhabi will help you to choose the right one.

There are numerous choices to be made while planning a wedding and picking the wedding colour is one of them. Every bride likes to discover what the trending wedding colours are, what the most mainstream shades of the year are, what the most well-known wedding colours depend on the season and so forth.

Get ready because we, the Best wedding planners in Abu Dhabi here to help you and so many other brides by providing some inspirations to find your perfect wedding colour.


The venue is a significant aspect of any wedding and has a huge impact on plenty of choices all through the cycle. It’s one of the principal things once confirmed, that we take motivation from and with regards to colors says the best wedding planner Abu Dhabi. One can draw such a great amount of motivation from a setting. This can be from the structure itself or basically a speck in the floor covering of a hall. To have a wholesome feel with your wedding colors, you need to always consider the surroundings of the venue while doing styling for your wedding.


Presently, you might be inclining towards the most recent trends which in the event that you haven’t got a particular colouring plan or you aren’t attracted to any specific colouring could be a decent road for you to take. The thing with trends is that they come and go all the time. We cannot pick a trend in September 2020 for a wedding in March 2021 says the leading wedding designers Abu Dhabi. As the trends come in and go all the time, don’t think too much just go with the trend that you are most drawn to!

Colour of the Year

It was announced at the end of last year that the colour of 2020 is ‘Classic Blue’. It is being said that classic blue is the colour that anticipates what is going to happen next. It is quite ironic considering the year we had so far. But in a positive way, blue mix very well in wedding especially combined with pastel colours and green says the Best wedding planners UAE.

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We, the Best wedding planners in Abu Dhabi here to help you and so many other brides by providing some inspirations to find your perfect wedding color.

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