How To Have A Bollywood Themed Indian Wedding? | Indian wedding planner Dubai
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How To Have A Bollywood Themed Indian Wedding? | Indian wedding planner Dubai

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How To Have A Bollywood Themed Indian Wedding? | Indian wedding planner Dubai

Whether you and your partner are movie buffs or not, having a bollywood themed indian wedding is something you all would want. Bollywood is everywhere in our daily lives, so why not have a wedding theme based on bollywood itself.? We are the best Indian wedding planners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE.

The power of Indian cinema has reached globally and it is time for you to adapt it for your most memorable day. Bollywood is not just the big screens anymore, it has reached new heights.

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Some things you should consider for having a bollywood themed wedding are:

1.Have a themed party

This is an essential activity to make the bollywood themed wedding more attractive and fun. Ask the guests to dress up as their favorite bollywood actor. This is a great idea if you have a lot of friends. It will be fun to see them dressed up as iconic bollywood characters. Organizing a small catwalk for everyone to showcase their costumes will also be fun.

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2. Take inspiration

Research such bollywood themed weddings and try to get some inspiration. Most of these weddings have large cutouts of actors and actresses that are printed and displayed at a photo booth so that the guests can get clicked pictures along with those cutouts. We have the best wedding decorators in Dubai at La Table Events to make your wedding more colorful.

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3. Keep up the spirit

Try to make the event more lively by including fun activities. Along with your partner perform a medley of hit songs from your favorite movies. Try and add different activities in between the medley to make your audience laugh and enjoy.

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4. Making sure that everyone is well informed

It will be weird if the guests show up for your function not knowing that they are at a bollywood themed wedding. So all the guests should be informed well about the function. Send out cool invitations cards mentioning everything.

5.Shoot the entire wedding like a movie

Capture the entire wedding like a beautiful song from a bollywood movie. Ask the videographer and photographer to capture all the candid photos. This will make the video more richer and interesting to watch later.

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So, if you are planning to conduct your wedding, then why not choose a bollywood themed wedding to make it more memorable. Our experts at La Table Events, the best Indian wedding planner in Dubai can help you with it. We will organize and plan everything you need. Contact us now itself. We are also experts in conducting events as we are one of the best Event Companies in Dubai.