Indian Wedding Planners Abudhabi : Covid-19 Etiquettes

As you know that, these are the times where 99% of global activities is been paused apart from hospital management. Coming to social gatherings, WHO popularly known as World Health Organization encourage each and every one to restrict weddings and other activities especially held for a unique purpose.

It is said that, every couple who are yet to be married may ask to officially postpone the events that had been already scheduled. Not only wedding, It is also applicable to other functions like birthday party, anniversary celebrations, corporate events, destination wedding and further event that you wish to celebrate.

Here one of the top wedding planners in UAE wishes to have a slight session with our beloved ones to describe about few etiquette that you must follow to  avoid wide spreading of this pandemic.

Postpone your wedding

Don’t feel upset? This is one of the best and foremost thing that you can do in this crucial time. Try to understand the situation and react to it.  Postponing your wedding event doesn’t mean you’re doing something negative says one of the best event companies in Dubai.

covid-19 wedding etiquettes
Be a part of this etiquette!

As for the time being, especially for the people who are going to get marry have a right to society and your guests to keep them safe and yourself too by minimizing risks.

Proper communication is a must

Secondly, you must have a communication plan with your attendees, if you’ve already been invited for your wedding. The best way to relay your connection is through social Medias or by phone calls. Ping them with a simple quoted message by mentioning new date, refunds, et cetera. Assign calls to top prior invitees and rest with email or text messages.

Ask help from wedding planners

Last but not least, make sure to put a question to your wedding planner for assisting. This is the time where most of the event management companies in UAE are focusing you to give hundreds of customer services.

Postponing dates will sometimes have a class for them in the mean time you must think that, no wedding planner loses work at the same time you shouldn’t lose  wedding planners who offer same level service on the postponed date says best wedding designers in Abu dhabi.

Right now, stay at home and be safe for yourself and for your community. Latable events regret your time of inconvenience. We can be right back soon with lots of stunning events. But don’t feel disappointed with your dream events.

wedding planning in UAE
Waiting for eye-popping events!

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