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Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly With La Table Events

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Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly With La Table Events

Making your wedding eco-friendly is a wonderful idea. In a green wedding, environmentally-friendly options are selected whenever possible during the celebration.  Green weddings are gaining more popularity these days. So why don’t you make your special day more impactful by opting for some cool eco-friendly wedding ideas. Contact La Table Events, the best Wedding planner in Dubai now itself for conducting your wedding in an eco-friendly way.

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Some ideas for making your wedding green and eco-friendly are:

Choosing an eco-friendly venue

Try selecting an eco-friendly venue according to its availability and your budget. Conducting your marriage ceremony and reception in one place reduces travel needs which can cut fuel emissions.

Eco-friendly invitation cards

Invitation cards are the first and important phase of a wedding. These are also the easiest way to go green. Such eco-friendly invitations are nice as well as modern. Opting for recycled paper is recommended instead of using materials like fabrics, plastic, leather, and others.

Make the decor eco-friendly

Using eco-friendly materials for wedding decoration is the best option. Try to choose local flowers, materials that are reusable, handmade decor, etc. You can also choose seasonal flowers that are grown locally. To make the venue more beautiful you can also use decorations like mirrors, signage, and lanterns. Plants can also be used, which can even be replanted after the wedding. La Table Events can provide suitable eco-friendly decorations for your event, we are the best Wedding decorators in Dubai, UAE.

Wedding decorators in Dubai

Select sustainable meal

Food is an important part of any celebration. By making it also green doesn’t mean that the taste should be sacrificed. There are caterers who focus on local, sustainable, and seasonal cuisines, thus the plastic usage can be reduced to a great extent. Try to avoid bottles and cans by opting for organic wines and soft drinks.

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Giving useable gifts

Gifting your guests something beautiful as well as useful will be a great idea. For such eco-friendly weddings, you can gift them a plantable gift like potted saplings or herbs.

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La Table Events is an experienced wedding planner in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE who can make your wedding a grand and attractive one at the best price. Contact us now itself for knowing the price and availability. Contact us now!!