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Budget Decor : Top 3 flowers on UAE wedding

Budget Decor : Top 3 flowers on UAE wedding

You know for most of the brides, flowers are considered to be as one of the inseparable parts of wedding decor and also a bridal ensemble. Real flowers will be causing a serious dent on your budget. The main reason is what, you don’t have much knowledge about which all are the right flowers for UAE wedding .

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Most of the couples and people opt for a flower-rich event from the wedding planner.

There is a misconception between the people that most of the gorgeous flowers are very expensive .

Let us take a look at these 3 stunning flowers that can tell you exactly how much you can achieve the dream arabic wedding without breaking your budget.

Asiatic lilies

These are considered to be as one of the most inured of all variants of lilies. The main reason why these flowers are favourites if wedding planner Dubai, because of its larger size. Asiatic lillies plays a major role in creating a fuller and stunning effect. These lillies are available all year round.


This one is also a event management companies in UAE favourite with it’s heavy and dense petals which enable to use with other flowers that you wish to use. The main attraction of these flowers is that it can be used individually and also along with bouquet to create an eye-popping effect.

Spray Roses

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For those people whose heart are stuck on roses. If eyes stuck on these flowers but your eyes and mind are on the budget. But don’t worry roses are here for your rescue. The real roses comes in different colors. All you have to do is cluster it together to create rose-like ruffles so that, no one will tell you they are not real roses. The real roses cost only one third of the usual roses.

In addition,  keep few tips as a floral advice which can help you save your bucks and that can use for a better honeymoon. Take a look…

-Know the flower season

-Make florist or event companies in UAE as your friend

-Focus : If you need to highlight food on your occasion, there is no much point in spending extra money on flowers.

Keep researching and make stunning events that touch your hearts. Best wishes!

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