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Event planner Dubai Tips: What to Serve at a Party?

Event planner Dubai Tips: What to Serve at a Party?

You all know the fact that engagement or wedding is a unique thing in everyone’s life . You can  make the event either formal or casual as your wish by inviting 20 guests or 150 guest. Best wedding planner UAE provide some basic tips to setup what to serve for perfect party.

Just like inviting guests, the same applies to the menu. The menu can varies from an elegant dinner to a backyard barbecue dish. The main aspect about the event is that, what to serve for your wedding or engagement function?

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If you need to know about what all are the items to serve for a perfect engagement party, then you must surely read this blog. Don’t miss to read it because, best wedding planners in Dubai comes up with some tips to break down the food, desserts and drinks options that are perfect for your wedding celebrations.


If you are throwing other types of  parties like birthday, engagement or retirement parties you will have  same delicious choices. The best is choice is to do a three course meal at a restaurant, or potluck at home where guest sign up to bring desserts or entrée. The food can also be held in community center. Since, the option are endless .

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For a gorgeous tiered cake, you don’t have to wait until the engagement day  or wedding. If one of your friend or your family member has eagerly waiting to lend a hand with the wedding, then this might be the perfect opportunity to ask them to make on engagement cake or desserts.  But instead of cake they can also make sweets like brownies and cupcakes. If you are holding party at a restaurant, check to make sure it’s okay to bring outside dishes.

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Every one likes when the drinks pours freely, especially when someone else is paying for them. But is better to have cool bar, wine parlours and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks. People will always happy to drink whatever is available as long as you give them options. If you are holding engagement party, the host should check in the venue about what should be allowed and what shouldn’t. Event Management Companies will always opt for non-alcoholic drinks to serve.

Once you planned about what to serve for event, then it’s time to think about the main event preparations – your wedding. You may also like 5 not to do things for newly engaged.