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The Wedding Planner Abu dhabi: 5 Alternative Ideas

The Wedding Planner Abu dhabi: 5 Alternative Ideas

The most meaningful moment of your life is those special moments that happen when you walk down the aisle and it’s the whole reason why you’re getting married. According to the wedding planner, sometimes the importance of the wedding ceremony can be lost in the planning process.

Here the event planner put the ceremony back into the spotlight with some of the gorgeous ideas to bring meaning to a personal ceremony. Let’s read some amazing alternative ideas for wedding ceremony.

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1. Surrounded Ceremony

 May be this type of ceremony is a little too informal? If you are looking for a ceremony with flair then, wedding ceremony with circular seating arrangement is awesome. It’s one of the great option for couples that want to add a eureka moment to the big dream day.

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2. Standing Ceremony

If the couples are looking for something that feels a little more intimate and something that is minimal formal than a traditional seating arrangement, wedding decorators in Dubai opt for standing wedding ceremony. There are great for couples looking to keep the event sweet and short.

3. Amphitheater Ceremony

This type of seating will more beautiful if your wedding veneues allows for it. This will be also a memorable option for your guests to mark as a important moment of their life.

4. Champagne Ceremony

Wedding bars are opens after the wedding ceremony… but actually what is the reason? Chances are your invitees will enjoy being able to sip on a bubbly beverage during ceremony.

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5. Picnic Ceremony

Are you planning to make the event vibe casual? Wishing to getting married in a outdoor wedding venue or  gorgeous park? Then allow your invitees a picnic- style seating arrangement which results in to stay comfortable during your ceremony while enjoying a fun new UAE wedding experience.

So it’s the time for bride and groom, which of these cool Arabic wedding ceremonies would you need for your big unique celebration moment?

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