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Wedding planning UAE Tips: What to Wear As a Guest

Wedding planning UAE Tips: What to Wear As a Guest

Are you a wedding or party guest who wore the same dress three or four weddings in a row? Best event management companies in UAE has made this a big no-no. You don’t want to wear same outfit says best wedding planning in UAE.  If your year has been just like ours it has been rammed full of weddings.

You also don’t want to be the guest who shows up in the white or the girl that look more beautiful than the bride.

Not only it is very hard to find an outfit that’s suitable but the themes will make event harder when you have to be adhere to the dress code.

Here we provide top picks for common wedding themes. So that you have never have to be in doubt.


For more traditional couples mainly for Arabic wedding in Abu dhabi, black tie theme is still popular. So keep it demure and add some attractive combination of vitality with statement accessories.


We’ve all been there especially as a guest to a partner or friend who doesn’t know about the wedding or party. Try to ensure that we are making an impression by being style conscious but not over the top.

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So she or he is your closest buddy, which means you don’t want to show him or her up or to take the limelight. One of the best ensembles then is to stick on trend resulting ultimately elegant.


It is one of the casuals of all wedding but still you have to be look nice in pictures. Dress with color green, yellow and blue look fabulous on beach wedding parties. Try to opt for more summary vibe styles.

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