What Are The Questions To Ask An Event Planner

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What Are The Questions To Ask An Event Planner

Now you know why you need to employ an event planner Dubai, UAE and where to locate one. Here are the 14 questions you ask the event planner during the discussion.

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1. What Do You Specialize In?

Most event planners Abu Dhabi specialize in specific kinds of events, from weddings to business meetings. Find out if their field of ​​expertise fits your event.

2. What Kind Of Service Do You Offer?

Event planning has multiple moving parts, so make certain your event planner can meet all your needs.

3. What Is Contained In The Price?

Find out what you obtain for your money and how much it will cost you extra. Decide on flat, hourly, or fee-based rates and specify additional costs such as travel and support staff expenses.

4. Who Will Attend The Event?

Find out who your primary contact is, and how many other individuals work on hosting your event. Fetch an overview of who everyone is and how to reach them.

5. How Much Time Do You Take?

The time it takes an event planner Dubai, UAE to systematise an event relies on the size and style of the event and the number of other events they are working on at the same time.

6. How Do You Select The Venue?

The venue is usually the most costly thing in the event budget, so it is significant for event planner Dubai to pick one carefully. So, Ask this question and know their attention to detail.

7. Do You Have Adequate Contact With The Supplier?

Select an event planner that has a good relationship with merchants that provide equipment, decoration, transportation, catering and entertainment. Hence, you can probably get a good deal that way.

8. How Do You Handle Your Event Budget?

Money is forever a problem when planning an event, as the chances to lose control of your budget. So, ask the event planner how to manage your budget and evade overspending.

9. How Do You Manage Your Schedule?

Equivalent to money, time is an important factor in organizing an event. It is an important question to ask, as the event planner may be juggling numerous events at the same time. Thus, this is a big challenge.

10. Which Technology Do You Know?

There are several event management tools that can help event planners systematise their time, money, marketing, and ticketing. So, find what your candidate knows.

11. How Does The Event Planner Handle The Event Security?

Health and safety are arguably a big issue when it comes to events, as are the miscellaneous insurance policies that require to be considered. Ask the event planner how they execute a risk assessment.

12. What Is The Cancellation And Refund Policy?

As with any service provider, you should always know what occurs if you require to cancel or need to refund. Therefore, to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, make sure this is clearly stated in the contract you are signing.

13. Official Certification?

Certification is not extremely important, but you can rest assured that your event planner has the certification. Thus, ask about their official training and whether they are members of an industry association.

14. How Do You Evaluate The Success Of An Event?

On the whole, it is important for both parties to agree on the metrics of event success. Ask for the data you want to review and how you are incorporating feedback from previous customers to improve performance.
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