What Separates Event Designer from Event Planner?

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What Separates Event Designer from Event Planner?

The wedding and event companies have seen significant growth over the past two decades, and what was originally a single, all-encompassing profession of “event planner” or “wedding planner” has gradually been split into a number of groups — planner, designer, and stylist — each of which refers to a specific area of the sector. There are constantly a lot of subcategories of event professionals since many specialists are aware that they have a particular strength that more closely matches into a certain niche market, which only serves to complicate planning. Event designers and Event planners in Dubai are one such field. Even though they seem similar, both professionals are extremely diverse, and today we’ll examine the connections, distinctions, and reasons you should consider employing both. Let’s get going!

Event and Wedding Planner

An event or wedding planner is a specialist in planning and logistics. Building alliances with the production team (distributors) who will be the provider of the event, handling this team, helping the customer with organizational duties to keep the planning operations running smoothly all across the process, and then improving the efficiency of the events that take place on the wedding or event day are all tasks that must be accomplished by this person. Broadly speaking, an event planners in Dubai is not responsible for coming up with the design or creative aspects of the wedding or event; nevertheless, he or she is frequently in charge of locating the visionary thinker who will deliver adequate support to the customer in these capacities as well as helping in the execution of numerous creative tasks.

Event and Wedding Designer

The creative mind, idea generator, and aesthetic mastermind behind an event is an event designer. Together with the client, he or she will work on everything from picking a color scheme to drawing up a base plan, selecting linens, furniture, and further rentals, visualizing the flower arrangements, and even establishing the event or wedding’s logo. In addition to creating original designs, great designer often incorporates elements from other mediums into their work. Most of the time, the designer won’t help the client select other creative partners (vendors) who aren’t involved in design or aesthetics, and they won’t handle the event’s logistics or flow.

It is crucial to understand that, even though numerous designers even provide production assistance, which refers to the essential labor that makes the designs come to life, such as creating centerpieces or manufacturing backgrounds, it is common for designers to be the ones who come up with the concepts and ideas for an event before contracting out the production to another team. The phrase “event/wedding stylist” is occasionally used to describe a designer who does not do the production.


  • Wedding designers and best wedding planners dubai will go above and beyond to make sure you adore every aspect of your wedding day.
  • Designers and planners devote their time to crafting a wedding full of special elements that express your own narrative and make it uniquely yours.
  • Both have a wide range of suppliers they may rely on to put together a fantastic team for you at a moment’s notice.
  • Each will be present all day, most likely at your ceremony and reception locations.
  • Both designers and planners have a lot of creativity.


Event Planners:

  • These experts are concerned with the planning of your wedding day.
  • Event planners in Dubai are knowledgeable about every aspect of your wedding, including timeframes and family dynamics. However, it’s possible that they didn’t make the visual presentation.
  • Your planner will organize your rehearsal the night before and will be there from the start of vendor setup until the last vendor dismantles at the conclusion of your reception on your wedding day.
  • You may choose to use your planner for a variety of time periods (consider: the entire engagement or just the month leading up to your wedding day).

Event Designers:

  • The goal of event designers is to make your wedding’s visual presentations breathtaking.
  • Only you, your fiancé, and your immediate family members—those who could have an impact on your design choices—will likely be known to your designer.
  • In order to make your idea come to life, these professionals will individually source the best linens, flowers, and details (such as escort cards, table numbers, signs, cake toppers, etc.) for your wedding. Occasionally, this necessitates doing the details by hand. The wedding decorators in Dubai develop a unified identity for your party that incorporates everything from your wedding colors to your theme.
  • The main goal of your event designer is to change your venue. The majority of designers will go once set up is finished and will come back at the end of the night to collect their materials, while numerous stylists will develop contracts that allow them to work with your photographer to style your event elements for pictures later in the day. Your designer is not a party coordinator.
  • The chance to collaborate with your designer in the month before your wedding is probably not going to be an option because your designer is developing a personal brand for your wedding day. It shouldn’t, either! Expect to collaborate with your designer for at least six months to a year.

Consider hiring an event planner, an event designer, or a professional who specializes in both.

Although wedding planners and designer event companies in Dubai have unique strengths, each has a crucial role to play. Both your planner and your designer will work together to produce a seamless event that neither you nor your attendees will ever forget.

Additionally, wedding planners and designers have the rare capability of working seamlessly together on your big day. Your planner may inform your designer about your food preferences and venue needs, and your designer can assist your planner in flawlessly styling and scheduling your wedding in the weeks preceding up to and during the day of the event.

With the aid of one or two assistants, a planner who also works as a designer will also have the rare capacity to do the duties of both professions. The main advantage is that you may deal with a single specialist who will intimately understand your preferences and your most important wedding day goals. They are experts in finding the greatest details, making flower arrangements, planning events, and perfect styling each component.

Final Thoughts

For those in charge of planning an event, it requires a major time and financial commitment. Your event will be a memorable moment if you choose a planner who is also a great designer or a designer who is also a rigorous planner.

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